Flutter Photography | Newborn Prep Guide

Newborn Prep Guide

Here are some tips to help the session run smoothly. Although it’s not %100 fool proof, those that follow it have a more successful session. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions about any of the suggestions! Please note mini sessions will last 1 hr and full sessions can take up to 3 hours. Please make sure to allow time in your schedule so we can get the most out of your session!

Try to keep newborn awake before session.  ( I know this is easier said then done, but do your best!)  Even in the car on the way.  Schedule a feeding right before your session. Give baby a bath an hour before it’s time to leave session.

Make sure to bring a bottle for extra feeding or if nursing be prepared to spend the extra time nursing if needed. If nursing avoid acidic and dairy foods the day before and day of session. Those types of foods can lead to excess gas in newborns tummy.

Make sure parents have ate and are hydrated. The sessions can last up to 3 hours. In a warm room low blood sugar or dehydration maybe more bothersome. Dress comfortably. The room is kept around 85 degrees. With the photography lights it can feel warmer. Make sure to not wear something too warm. Don’t be afraid to step out of the studio if you need to cool down. I will have bottled water on hand, so help yourself.

Bring a pacifier. Even if you are not using one. This can help aid the baby in relaxing into different poses. It will only be used if absolutely necessary.

You are welcome to bring outfits for the newborn to wear, although not necessary. I will have outfits that fit correctly for newborns. If you do choose to bring something, make sure that it fits well. Especially around the neck and legs. If it’s too big it ends up looking less flattering in poses.

If siblings come along bring drink and snacks and an extra set of hands if necessary. I do have some toys to help entertain, but sessions can get long. It also is helpful for younger ones to have someone else bring them half way through the session.

I will try to do a variety of poses. Please note that not all newborns will be able to do all poses.

I look forward to meeting your new little bundle and capturing his/her first moments.

Thank you so much!